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  We've made it easier than ever to make sure you don't miss out on this Gathering.

Choose from a one-time payment. Or our easy-pay monthly installments. 

What is

Three days of workshops, presentations, and a dynamic keynote will move you to the next level of your career as a BIPOC C.A. Therapist.

Held in beautiful Tulum, Mexico.

Happy Portrait

Come sit with us. 

What to expect 

Get Inspired...

Meet other BIPOC Creative Arts Therapists from around the world who share ideas and techniques you can use to enhance the work you do with your clients.


Find out about the challenges they overcame, their successes, and their lived experiences as a BIPOC CAT.

Connect with your people...

During breakfast, lunch, cocktail hour, and while restaurant hopping in Tulum, mingle with diverse C.A.Ts of color. Meet a new collaborator or a lifelong bestie. 

Part Work... 

Shared spaces after inspiring sessions are built into the schedule to help spark new ideas for future work with clients.

...a lot of Play.

With your choice of pools and kayaking there are tons of reasons to let your hair down.

Take advantage of your 15% discount at the resort spa or just lounge on the beach with a mojito.

We have designed the schedule with plenty of space to soak it all in. 

You deserve a seat at this table. 

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