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The meeting place for

Creative Arts Therapist of color  

Celebrate| Collaborate| Connect 

Why Evolve

It's time to shake things up... our way!

Welcome to Evolve, 'The Gathering''. This is a forum created by Creative Arts Therapists of color, for creative arts therapists of color because it's a good chance that you are one of few among your co-workers. As such, you're probably well aware of the cultural responsibility you hold when showing up for your clients who look like you.  

The mission of Evolve is to provide a space for therapists of color to come together to share our lived experiences, learn best practices for honoring our culture in working with our clients, and gain support from each other in a field that can at times make us feel isolated.

How do we do this?


Live and Recorded Workshops and Training

We believe in the power of workshops and live training that ignite potential and drive success.

Our workshops and live training sessions are designed to empower skills, knowledge, and insights.  From honing technical expertise to mastering leadership principles, our sessions cover a wide array of topics. 

Through interactive experiences and collaborative learning, you'll not only gain valuable insights but also forge meaningful connections with peers and industry experts. Our commitment to professional development extends beyond skill acquisition; it's about fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation. 


Community Just for You

We are not just a group of people, we are a thriving community that shares values, supports each other, and has common goals. Our aim is to bring together therapists of color who share same mindset and create valuable for everyone. You don't have to feel isolated because we are here for you.


2025 Summit 

Our Community conference is an opportunity to promote a greater understanding of the unique needs of therapists of color and create a safe, inclusive environment for professional growth and development. Together, we will explore intersecting ways we promote what we do and how we are advancing within this field.  

This year we are offering a hybrid experience. Take part in person or join online from anywhere in the world. 

Interested in even more ways to gain CPD/CEU credits with EVOLVE?

Empower Your Growth

Online Class
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